Zagrosol B - lyte

Zagrosol B-lyte is a unique blend of liquid concentrated B-Complex vitamin plus Electrolytes given via the drinking water. It is intended to boost the animal's performance even in extreme weather conditions.

When the animal is under stress, their feed intake is depressed which may lead to poor nutrition and health status of the animals. It is not only the reproduction capacity but the overall growth and performance that are affected. In addition, animals will be more susceptible to infection because of their weak immune system caused by poor nutrition.


  • Poultry
  • Swine
  • Ruminants


Oral supplement that boost feed intake of animals under stress. It aids in digestion and conversion of nutrients to energy, improves proper functioning of nervous system and is essential in proper growth of hooves and hair coat. In addition, essential electrolytes are added in the product to restore water and ions lost in the body of animals under stress. It also speeds up recovery of the body against diseases and infection.

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